Availability and regulatory info

Find out more about Eroxon®’s availability and where to buy Eroxon®

Eroxon® is available without prescription in the EU and UK

It’s never been easier to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Eroxon® is available without a doctor’s prescription in Europe and the UK. Eroxon® can be purchased online or in person without a doctor’s prescription, making treatment easier than ever to access.


MDR approved as a medical device

Eroxon® is approved as a medical device in the UK under the new UKCA procedure and in the European Union under the EU Regulation on Medical Devices (“the MDR”) for the treatment of ED. This pan-European legislation governs the manufacture and supply of medical devices, and lays out stringent legal requirements for device performance, safety, and quality.

A device authorised under the MDR – as Eroxon® is – has undergone clinical evaluation and is proven to be safe and effective for its intended use. MDR approval also means that the manufacturer has established a rigorous Quality Management System.

A regulatory application for Eroxon® has been approved by the US FDA for marketing authorisation in the US.

Where can I buy Eroxon®?

Eroxon® is available to buy without a prescription in pharmacies or online in certain countries. Eroxon® is also available in all European markets online. It will be available in further European countries in due course.

Trade enquiries

If you are interested in making Eroxon® available to your customers in the EU please click here.


What about outside the EU and UK?

Eroxon® is currently undergoing regulatory review in a number of countries including Latin America and the Middle East. Approvals have already been received in some countries in the Middle East, the US and launches outside the EU and UK are expected later in 2023 and details will be provided in due course.


Please check this website regularly for updates on future availability of Eroxon®.