Eroxon is now available for purchase in the United States without a prescription.


What is Eroxon® and how does it work?

  • What is Eroxon®?

  • How does Eroxon® work?

  • What is the active ingredient in Eroxon®?

  • Eroxon® is classed as a medical device. What does that mean?

  • What is the difference between Eroxon® and oral PDE5i's?

How to use Eroxon®

  • Who can use Eroxon®?

  • What types of ED can, and can’t, Eroxon® treat?

  • How to use Eroxon®?

  • How much Eroxon® gel is applied for a single attempt at sexual intercourse?

  • How long does Eroxon®’s effect last?

  • Is sexual stimulation necessary for Eroxon® to work?


  • Is Eroxon® clinically proven?

  • What is the MCID?


  • Does Eroxon® have any side-effects?

  • Does Eroxon® cause any irritation for the partner?

Common questions asked by users

  • Can the partner of a person with ED be involved in using Eroxon®?

  • Is Eroxon® compatible with condoms and lubricants?

  • Is Eroxon® safe for oral sex?

  • How often can Eroxon® be used?

  • Does Eroxon® contain any spermicidal ingredients?

  • Is Eroxon® safe to use by couples trying to conceive?


  • Can I request a sample of Eroxon®? Can I stock the product in my pharmacy?

  • How and where can consumers purchase Eroxon®?

Where is Eroxon® available?

Eroxon® is approved without prescription in the EU and UK and is expected to receive a similar regulatory status in many other parts of the world.

Find out more about the product’s availability and to enquire about Eroxon® in the EU