Eroxon is now available for purchase in the United States without a prescription.

How Eroxon® works

A novel mode of action to treat ED fast with minimal side effects

Unique evaporative physical action

Eroxon® is a gel that has a unique evaporative physical action which, through a rapid cooling and then warming effect, stimulates nerve endings on the head of the penis which increases blood flow and ultimately causes erections.

The action of Eroxon® as a local gel is fast, helping men achieve an erection within 10 minutes.

Novel drug-free mode of action

Eroxon® is a medical device, not a medicine and therefore does not contain an “active ingredient”. Eroxon® works through a physical action and is thereby approvable under medical device legislation.

  • 1

    Application of gel: Combination of volatile and non-volatile components.

  • 2

    Seconds later: Volatile components evaporate causing rapid cooling.

  • 3

    Seconds to minutes later: Recovery warming effect and stimulation of nerve endings.

  • 4

    Minutes later: Ultimately leading to vasodilation and erection.

An infographic demonstrating how Eroxon gel works in 4 steps, with arrows depicting how the gel works through the epidermis, dermis and corporal tissues.
A graph showing how skin temperature is projected to change following the application of Eroxon to the head of the penis. In 6 tests, the temperature dropped from 30.5 degrees to below 20.5 degrees every time.

Physical action results in temperature change

The graph (to the left) shows the rapid drop in temperature after the application of Eroxon® followed by a gradual rise in temperature during the recovery warming stage (time is in seconds).

The tests were conducted to show the projected temperature change.

Eroxon® kick-starts normal physiology

The following animation explains the process that leads to normal erections, how that process goes wrong in ED, how current first-line treatment oral PDE5i’s work and how Eroxon® works to normalise erections.

  • Men without ED

    This shows the natural process that would lead to an erection.
  • Men with ED

    This shows what has gone wrong when a man suffers from ED. The production of nitric oxide is impaired leading to low cGMP and therefore reduced blood flow in the penis and poor erections.
  • Oral medications

    This shows how current first-line treatments oral medication work. Oral PDE5i's act at the cGMP levels, elevate those levels in the blood which increases blood flow into the penis and leads to normalised erections.
  • Eroxon®

    This shows how Eroxon® works. Eroxon ® acts earlier in the process, at the neural transmitter level, which ultimately increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in normalised erections. Eroxon® kick-starts the normal physiology process that leads to an erection.


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Where is Eroxon® available?

Eroxon® is approved without prescription in the EU and UK and is expected to receive a similar regulatory status in many other parts of the world.

Find out more about the product’s availability and to enquire about Eroxon® in the EU