Empowering partners

Partners can be part of the solution, and, for the first time, take the initiative.

The impact of erectile dysfunction on the partner

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can have a significant impact on a man’s quality of life, psychologically, physically, and psychosexually – this, in turn, impacts their partner, too.

The partner of a man experiencing ED may feel a range of emotions, including frustration, anxiety, and concern. They may worry about the effect of ED on their relationship and sex lives and may feel rejected or undesired. They may also feel helpless and unsure about how to support their partner.

A happy couple smiling.

Partners can be part of the solution

With Eroxon®, however, partners can be part of the solution, and, for the first time, take the initiative in buying the treatment for their partners with ED and incorporating this pleasant, locally applied, and easy to use clear gel into their sex lives.

A key advantage of Eroxon® over oral PDE5i’s – which typically take 30 minutes to one hour to work – is that it works fast helping men get an erection within 10 minutes which means Eroxon® can be used as part of foreplay helping to restore intimacy and spontaneity in the relationship. Partners can apply Eroxon® themselves. The gel is massaged onto the glans of the penis for 15 seconds just prior to intercourse. In a clinical study1, approximately 30% of women applied the product to their male partners.

Treatment is more successful when it involves the partner. A 2021 position statement from the European Society of Sexual Medicine advises, “It is strongly recommended to include the partner in the assessment and treatment of ED and to actively work on inter partner agreement and shared decision-making regarding possible treatment options.”2.

Excellent safety profile for men and their partners

Eroxon® has an excellent safety profile, and is clinically proven to be safe to use by both men and their partners. Eroxon® is drug-free. Eroxon® benefits from no known drug interactions and a very low level of local side effects.

The side effects of Eroxon® are very low and limited to local skin reactions. In around 5,000 intercourse attempts in the two clinical studies, local side-effects in men and their female partners were minimal.


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